B. Sham Moteelall

Please allow me to introduce myself—I am B. Sham Moteelall. People call me Sham.  

I am president of LIFE Consulting LLC. LIFE means Learn Information From Experience. I focus on business issues and business management— with the intent to help business people recognize that the eyes cannot see themselves. LIFE Consulting acts as a reflection to individuals and businesses, helping them realize their full potential, strive towards excellence, and continuously improve. The second focus of the company is more science-based and focuses on sustainability issues. It takes a holistic approach to sustainability like food production, energy issues, water quality, environmental concerns, global warming, carbon sequestration, and various other topics. LIFE Consulting defines the problems and strives to bring solutions to the various segments around the globe. 

I teach companies a variety of subjects. For example, this week, I worked with a small biological firm, investigating potential agricultural and environmental involvement. Over three days, we touched on various subjects, including combinations of soil microorganisms, fertilizer rate management, nitrogen-fixing organisms, global warming concerns, sustainability, soil improvement processes, minimizing soil fumigants, and carbon sequestration photosynthetic improvement processes, future plant breeding processes, and other scientific processes. We had classroom discussions and field demonstrations. We concluded by suggesting various ways that they could increase profitability and minimize waste.

I recently published my first book titled Marble, Grass, and Glass. I have four more books to publish. The second one is on business management.

I have been in the business world for over forty years. Before that, I was a science and Chemistry teacher. These experiences have helped me forge a holistic approach to life through farming, business management, writing, and teaching.

I do not only preach about sustainability; I try to live that way. I am a farmer and enjoy watching things grow. I grow corn, soybeans, and hay and raise livestock for meat. I am a beekeeper with a three-acre pollinator garden, including a spot for monarch butterflies and other beneficial creatures. Our farm is surrounded by lakes and has a water filtration system that can help fertilizer runoffs; minimize nitrates, phosphates, and additional water contaminating concerns like algae blooms. We have a solar-powered electrical system.

With time I intend to share various life experiences with you here on my blog, and I hope to learn from all of you—thank you for reading.

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