Sham Moteelall

Sham is a motivational speaker. His messages build up people at all levels to become the best they can be and strive towards excellence for themselves, their families, and their careers.

He recognizes that people are constantly dealing with issues, large and small. His messages touch on the subject of effective worrying. He knows that if the human race does not have something to worry about, we will invent an issue to fill that gap. He talks about having a positive attitude because all concerns will pass in time. He does not expect people to forget their troubles. He helps people to handle their concerns and to seek solutions to solve their problems. His messages sometimes gently bring spirituality to the surface, using such messages as one tool in the holistic discussion process.

On a corporate level, he discusses the roles of all employees and their respective contributions to the company’s bottom line. He gives examples and shares stories about people at all levels, using their skills to make their company the best in their respective industries. His theme is that “The eyes cannot see themselves,” and all employees should share in “A Common Vision” towards the success and profitability of their company.

Sham uses his decades of business management, life experiences, superb communication skills, and spirituality to customize messages to fit various audiences. He is willing, ready, and able to build a message for your organization. Read Sham’s Biography



Marble, Grass, and Glass delves into the lives of various East Indian indentured servants bound to British sugar plantations in the Caribbean between 1838 and 1917.

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